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Mike Huckabee on the Federal Judiciary

How a candidate approaches the issue of appointing someone to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court is important to everyone.   According to Mike Huckabee, "I recognize Gov. Huckabee addresses a joint session of the Arkansas Legislathe judicial branch is one of three equal branches of government. In recent times it appears some believe the Court is to hold a superior place above that of the executive or legislative branches. This was clearly not the intent of the Founding Fathers. Those appointed to judicial positions must respect the executive and legislative branches and ensure the courts interpret the law as passed by the elected legislature and signed by the chief executive and refrain from creating law from the bench. Judges interpret the law, not make it. As such, judges must not be activists using their positions to surreptitiously make legislative decisions. Courts must decide the cases before them using the Constitution, legislative Acts, and precedent. As President, I will appoint judges who subscribe to this philosophy. I will not use a litmus test on any single issue, but rather evaluate candidates holistically."

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