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Mike Huckabee on the issue of Right to Life

Mike Huckabee says it best:  "I support a constitutional amendment written specifically to protect the right to human life. This is consistent with efforts of which I was a part as early as Governor Huckabee signs the Choose Life License Plate Bill1984 when I worked on the state-wide effort to add a pro-life amendment to the Arkansas Constitution. Though efforts in 1984 and 1986 were set aside due to court battles, we successfully passed an amendment capable of withstanding court challenges in 1988. The Unborn Child Amendment, Amendment 65 to the Arkansas Constitution, states it is the policy of the state to protect human life from the time of conception until such time as the natural cessation of life occurs through natural processes."

Mike continues, "My convictions regarding the sanctity of human life are clear and consistent. They have been articulated as well as formulated into public policy without equivocation or wavering. I often say I did not become pro-life because of politics but rather I became Huckabee Family Portraitinvolved in politics in large measure because of my strong pro-life convictions."

During the last decade, the Arkansas Right to Life organization awarded Mike Huckabee their highest honor, The Rose Award, for his efforts in Arkansas as governor, including passage of the Fetal Protection Act, Informed Consent laws, legislation requiring waiting periods prior to abortion, and language prohibiting the use of state funds for abortion or other termination of life procedures. '

Mike closes with the following, "I oppose human cloning and the use of federal funds to create human life for the sole purpose of research."

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