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Mike Huckabe on the Issue of Foreign Affairs

Mike Huckabee understands the role of being President of the United States means first and foremost protecting our own citizens.  Mike states it directly: "While we live in a neighborhood of nations and must seek to be good neighbors, our first responsibility is to our own American family to ensure their peace, safety, and well being."  He continues, "Certainly humanitarian efforts assist in not only being a good neighbor, but being responsible to Huckabee in Pakistan 2human need in time of a crisis. However, the American taxpayers must not be considered the first line of charity to help in any or all aid programs, particularly involving those governments who declare open hostility toward the United States of America."

However, the issue of human rights must remain a priority.  Included in his stand regarding protection of human rights is the basic human right to worship as one pleases.   Mike's stand is simple and straightforward:  "Nations who oppress their own citizens’ right to think freely and worship freely engage in one of the greatest levels of human rights abuse that exist. The United States must make clear just as we oppose a violent act upon the physical bodies of innocent people, we also oppose a violent mental assault against citizens when they are denied the opportunity to practice faith and belief provided it does not impede the rights of others or the capacity of an orderly society."

Mike Huckabee is open and up-front regarding our relationship with Israel.  Mike comments, "I have visited the Middle East extensively over the past 35 years, including nine Huckabee in Pakistantrips to Israel. Israel is not only an ally of the United States, but an important partner in the spread of freedom and democracy throughout the Middle East and the world. Because of Israel’s unique position, not only geographically but geopolitically, the United States must remain true in its long standing commitment to Israel. Israel is the only fully functioning democracy in the Middle East and America’s greatest ally in the region. Israel is on the front lines in fighting international terrorism."  Regarding Israel's domestic policy, Mike says, "I support Israel’s two-state solution, wherein Israel would give back certain land acquired after being attacked by the Arab nations of the area in exchange for full international recognition. Of course, this could only take place after all violence against Israel stops and Israel’s security and freedom from Islamist terrorism is guaranteed."

The United States has an interesting relationship, on a variety of levels, with the United Nations.  According to Mike Huckabee, "The United States pays a disproportionate share of the cost of the United Nations. I believe we must receive, at the very least, a proportionate share of respect for our participation in the organization as well as our position in the world. If Signing a Trade Agreementthe United Nations refuses to honor its obligation to the United States, the United States should revisit its obligations to the United Nations. Unfortunately, the UN has become a bastion of anti-Americanism. For a variety of reasons, many nations around the world resent the fact the United States has become the only super-power in the world. The UN, therefore, regrettably has become a point of congregation for these countries."

Mike Huckabee is equally clear regarding the use of UN Conventions or other treaties to control domestic matters such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Mike makes his point when he says, "The United States is a sovereign nation. Just as we must never turn over the command of our military to anyone except those who salute and honor our flag, neither should we ever entertain the notion of other nations or international organization dictating policy. Given our system of government, treaties only control if adopted by the Senate upon the recommendation of the President. Certainly, I commit to continuing to abide by the requirements our Constitutional democracy."

Commitment to the sanctity of human life is not just an issue affecting Americans.  According to Mike Huckabee, "The sanctity of human life, like slavery 150 years ago, is an issue won ultimately through the changing of hearts and not merely changing of laws. We must restlessly seek to engage in the kind of honest and intellectual debate designed to help our neighbors around the world understand a commitment to human life is fundamental to the survival of society.

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