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Mike Huckabee on the Issues

Mike Huckabee, Leadership and CharacterThe important thing to remember about Mike Huckabee is that he has a proven record of leadership.  As chief executive of a state, Mike couldn't afford the luxury of "casting a vote to make a statement," or delivering flowery speeches about what could or should be.  Mike had to lead, to direct, to make sure he did all in his power on a daily basis to ensure the health and welfare of over 2.7 million Arkansans.  As a result, where Mike stands on the issues is clear-cut and consistent, a stark contrast to many of today's politicians.

To read more of where Mike stands on the issues, simply select an issue below which holds your interest and click on it.  Just understand that what you read isn't rhetoric or the result of public opinion polls and is not susceptible to the changing winds of political expediency.  What you read will be Mike Huckabee, consistency proven over years of leadership, consistency based upon faith, consistency that you can count on in times both good and bad.

The Constitution

The Family

The Right to Life



The Judicial Branch

The Federal Budget and America's Economy

Foreign Affairs




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